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Social recruitment

Hero Group invites talents

Overseas operations: 5
Job requirements:

1. Education: International trade, freight forwarders and other logistics-related professionals or English majors, college degree or above;
2, English CET4-CET6 level;
3, skilled use of Office software;
4, stable personality, practical, strong sense of responsibility;
5. Strong oral and written communication skills; Salary: Negotiable!

Overseas business: several names
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in freight forwarding, logistics management, international trade and other related majors;
2、Over 2 years international freight company is responsible for FCL/LCL or overseas development experience of dangerous goods overseas. Those who have studied abroad and work abroad are preferred.
3, good language skills and communication skills;
4, skilled use of OFFICE software, including PPT;
5. Fluent oral English and good written expression. Foreign life experience or foreigners who understand Chinese are preferred. Salary: Negotiable!

Overseas Sales Manager:3
Job requirements

1, shipping, logistics, customs clearance and other related professional college education;
2. English CET-4 or above (or equivalent to CET-4);
3, good communication skills and language skills, cheerful personality;
4, strong learning ability, self-motivated;
5, engaged in freight forwarding more than four years of work experience, good development of large-scale customer skills, a certain customer resources! Salary: Negotiable!