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A preliminary understanding of the international UPS express, how to choose the

Release Time:2016-04-08

UPS International Express
Summary: UPS International Express Agency UPS was established in the United States as a messenger company in 1907. Through a clear commitment to supporting global business goals, UPS has now grown to a large company with $49.7 billion in assets. Today's UPS, or United Parcel Service Corporation, is a global company:

Features: The United States and Canada, South America, and the United Kingdom are fast. 6-21 kg parcels are cheaper. As it is the post office of the United States itself, there is no remoteness for UPS shipments to the United States.

UPS service introduction
UPS Global Express can reach any place in most countries in the world within 3-4 working days. Is an affordable service, UPS will ensure that the shipment arrives before the end of the working day, to ensure the punctual arrival.
Standard tariff
Customers can log in I am the home page   price calculation query, but also consult the marketing department. Surcharge: Change of address fee: RMB 77 per item, RMB 273 per ticket. RMB 100 per ticket per Saturday
Parcel inquiry
Parts of HKUPS are processed by our company for 1-2 days after shipment. Customers can log in to the UPS International Express website: http://www.ups.com Track packages by reference code
Volume and weight limitations
HKUPS volume weight formula is: length cm X width cm X height cm /5000, if the volume weight of the goods is greater than the actual weight, then according to the volume weight, whichever is greater.
1. The following items need to add 40RMB each: (The following is a repeated charge, as long as the conditions for surcharge are met, will be cumulatively added).
1) Irregular goods;
2) Non-carton packaging;
3) The longest side exceeds 152CM;
4) The second long side exceeds 76CM;
5) The weight of one piece exceeds 32KG.
2, the following shipments must be added 388RMB * fuel oil of the month each: (The following is a repeated charge, as long as the conditions are met, will be cumulative additional income)
1) The longest side exceeds 270CM;
2) The two short sides add up to *2 plus the long side over 330CM (but not more than 419CM to add another 388 yuan * each month fuel);
3) The single piece weight exceeds 69KG. The above additions to 40 and 388 are to be repeated
About remote surcharge
For shipments to remote areas, surcharges in remote areas (excluding the United States) are required, and the standard is: RMB3.5/KG* fuel surcharge in the current month. The minimum charge for each ticket is RMB171 * the fuel surcharge for the month;
Because some packages are remote charges generated when they arrive in the area, UPS will not give advance notice, so the notification of remote charges collection will be valid within three months. The final charge amount will be transferred from UPS bills. If the UPS bills are displayed remotely, they need to be added. Remote costs, our company will automatically charge this remote cost
UPS query remote web site: http://www.ups.com/content/cn/zh/shipping/cost/zones/area_surcharge.html
About tariffs
1. It is recommended to declare according to the actual declared value of the goods in order to avoid high tariffs and fines.
2. The tariffs to be generated are subject to the specific customs clearance fees (usually higher tariffs result in higher tariffs, and if the declared value is too low compared to the actual value, higher tariffs will also be generated) if the recipient refuses to pay tariffs, Tariffs will be automatically borne by the sender
Compensation and Insurance Services
1. Compensation standard
1) For missing, out-of-stock, damaged postal parcels If the recipient receives a postal packet that does not match the weight, quantity, number, or broken parcel, please receive the missing or damaged feedback from the parcel to the destination UPS within 24 hours of receiving the parcel. . And within 7 working days, we will provide the registration number of the recipient in the local registration to our company for the investigation of claims to UPS. If verified by UPS, the declared value of the compensation package shall not exceed 100 USD. Part of the damage or loss shall be calculated as a percentage of the total lost quantity, but the maximum compensation shall not exceed USD100.
2) Lost of parcels due to customs inspections When parcels go through customs, the customs opens inspections of parcels, which may result in lost parcels, lost (in whole or in part) of the items in the parcel, or seizure by the customs. We do not assume any responsibility for this.
3) Indemnity: The maximum compensation for every sample of the ticket shall not exceed USD100.00/ticket, and the maximum compensation for each ticket shall not exceed USD20.00/ticket. 2. Insurance According to the client's requirements, we can purchase commercial insurance on behalf of the client. For insurance regulations, please consult our marketing department or customer service department.
HKUPS will send the freight from the country of destination to Hong Kong or Shenzhen by the sender if it cannot be received by the recipient, because the parcel cannot enter the destination customs, or if no handling advice is provided within the stipulated time limit, resulting in the parcel being returned to the sender. bear. Our company will enter the corresponding amount into the sender's account according to the bill provided by UPS, and the system will automatically deduct related expenses.