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Japan will impose new regulations on textile products imported into the country,

Release Time:2016-04-10

This month, Japan adopted the revised "Enforcement Order for Chemical Substances Evaluation and Production Regulations Act", which mainly addresses the following chemical substances: SCCPs (straight chain with a chain length between C10 and C13 and a chlorine content of more than 48% Chain chlorinated hydrocarbons (SCCPs), DecaBDE0, PFOS, and salts. Its purpose is to reduce and prevent the potential harm of chemical substances, and it is expected that the amendment will take effect in October 2018.
Once the revised content comes into effect, it will affect the export of textile products:

(1) Textile flame retardant chemicals and leather fatliquors containing short chain chlorinated paraffins (chain chlorinated hydrocarbons with a chain length between C10 and C13 and chlorine content greater than 48%) will be banned from importation into Japan. ;

(2) Flame-retardant textiles containing decabromodiphenyl ether and chemicals for fire-retardant textiles will also be banned from import into Japan;

(3) Any enterprise that imports SCCPs (chain chlorinated hydrocarbons with chain lengths between C10 and C13, chlorine content greater than 48%) and decabromodiphenyl ether into Japan needs to obtain appropriate Class-specific chemical authorizations.

April 10, 2016