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What is the general trade export declaration customs clearance, our company does

Release Time:2016-04-16

There are many ways of export trade in China. Common ones include: general trade/custom processing/tourism shopping/bonded warehousing/leasing trade/cross-border e-commerce (under B2C) and so on. For the export of FBA headstream logistics, it basically belongs to the category of general trade customs declaration (Code: 0110), also known as the official declaration of export. The reporting unit must submit to the customs: the export goods declaration form; the declaration of authority; the sales contract; the packing list;

  Most small and medium-sized sellers do not have the right to import or export, nor do they have the conditions for export tax refunds. For convenience, the usual practice is to purchase the verification forms of other import and export companies and export them in the name of other import and export companies. Pay for export."

What is customs clearance?
Customs clearance refers to the generic term for the series of procedures for customs declaration, customs inspection, tax payment, and customs clearance at the port customs. Customs clearance means customs clearance. Customs, also known as customs clearance, mean that imported goods, export goods, and transshipment goods enter the customs territory of a country or "national borders must be declared to the customs, go through the procedures prescribed by the Customs, and fulfill the obligations stipulated in various laws and regulations; Only after fulfilling all obligations and completing procedures such as customs declaration, inspection, taxation, and release can the goods be released and the owner or declarer can take delivery of the goods. Similarly, all kinds of transportation vehicles carrying imported and exported goods entering or exiting or transiting are also required to report to the customs, go through customs procedures, and obtain permission from the customs. During the customs clearance period, whether the goods are imported, exported or transshipped, they are under the supervision of the customs and are not allowed to circulate freely. The basic documents required are invoices, packing lists and bills of lading. For some products, the additional documents required by the Customs requirements are not the same.
International Express Clearance Advantage
For international express delivery of imported goods, there are two methods that are currently recognized by the national customs in addition to temporary entry: one is general trade declaration import, and the other is import by express mail, in terms of the two import forms International express delivery has its own advantages.
How to handle customs clearance
Customs clearance is also referred to as customs clearance. When international express shipments are cleared, there is a delay.
1. First check with foreign recipients about the customs clearance of international express cargo. If there is a problem with customs clearance, the local international express delivery will contact the recipient and inform relevant customs clearance issues.
There are many cases of delay in customs clearance. It is recommended that you contact the recipient to see whether the local international express delivery company has informed the recipient to assist in customs clearance and verify the situation; continue to consult the international express delivery, the local customs will certainly notify the local international Express delivery, delivery of goods to us, we have an obligation to help you follow up with the goods. It's only possible that local international express companies will be slow to respond to questions, because after they open an inquiry, they will assign customer service to follow up, plus sometimes they will have problems. So it's best to contact the recipient, so verify the problem faster.
2. It is possible that the information on your recipients is not correct or is so holiday that it may not be contacted by the recipient. It is not possible to confirm customs clearance information or tariff payment issues. If this is the case, you have to provide the recipient with the correct information (to be sure to contact the recipient) to this side of the international courier company, and then this side of the international express delivery to the local good contact with the customer to arrange clearance, and you are best The recipients of the notification contact the local international express delivery company directly, so that the confirmation of the information will be faster. If it is verified that the local international express delivery company is in contact with the customer, the recipient will know what the problem is with the customs clearance and deal with it accordingly. What assistance is needed can also be handled in a timely manner.
3. Exports of shipments, if they contain brand logos, are required to provide a shipping brand authorization. The absence of a brand authorization may be the reason for customs deduction. If it is the Customs requirement to provide a power of attorney, it must provide a power of attorney to the international express delivery company.
4. Some local international express delivery services do not have the ability to clear customs, or the information is not complete, require the recipient to find an agent to assist in customs clearance, and the goods will be delivered to the customs clearance agent. The international express delivery company will transfer the information to the customs clearance. When there is no way for international express delivery to follow up on the customs clearance of the goods, it can be confirmed directly with the recipient; if there are some special documents, such as import licenses, certificates of origin, etc.
5. If the declared value is too low or too high, the customs office believes that the value is inconsistent and may be detained. There is no detailed information on the above commercial invoice. If the product name is not detailed, the application (such as gifts, samples, or special commercial purposes) is not indicated. To re-supply commercial invoices to international express companies. The declared value is inconsistent, and there may be a fine in the local area.
6. Sometimes the local customs will spot-check certain goods for special inspection. At this time, there is no need to provide any assistance. Only when the customs inspection is done, it is considered that there will be no problem and the goods will be released. This situation can only wait.
8. The tariffs on express shipments are generally paid by the recipients. The recipients refuse to pay customs duties. If you have so many goods that are generally related to taxes, the tariffs may be very high. If the recipient refuses to pay customs duties, you can persuade the recipients. The payment of tariffs, or the change of tariffs to be paid in advance, is to charge fees for prepayments. International express companies do not charge customs duties.
The general e-commerce platform does not do customs clearance and does not pay taxes. Needs a local company to assist in the delivery of documents to courier/customs to resolve customs clearance after the goods arrive in Hong Kong