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China and Hong Kong Transporta

China-Hong Kong Express and Express are two different categories of concepts. China-Hong Kong Express is a form of import and export declaration. General trade is also a form of import and export declaration. General trade is the most important and common form of import and export declaration in China. The volume of goods is much less than that of general trade. At the same time, China-Hong Kong express mail declarations will always exist.

China and Hong Kong Express

For example, a batch of products produced by the factory are shipped to Hong Kong for exhibition. After the completion of the exhibition, these products will be returned to the Shenzhen factory. If it is necessary to prove that the goods are returned for export, the formalities will certainly be cumbersome. The cost is too high. At this time, it is most suitable to import through China-Hong Kong Express.

The biggest feature of China-Hong Kong express declaration is the valuation declaration, which does not require the customer to provide invoices, packing lists, purchase contracts, etc. The customs declaration and value-added tax are also to be paid after the valuation is declared; for customers, according to different product names All-inclusive calculation fee for kilograms.

China and Hong Kong express parts import parameters:

The first type: rmb¥4/kg

Documents, data, general printing paper, brochures, catalogs, iron shells, tags, labels, ropes, rubber bands, bottom plates, stickers, cartons, boxes, blister

The second type: rmb¥5/kg

Net bags, rubber strips, rubber rings, buttons, sealing adhesive tape, sand, ceramics, screws, wooden blocks, wood, wood, photo frames, plastic paper, sponge, foam, ribbon, calendar, heel, Sole

The third category: rmb¥6/kg

Plastic plug, wire ring, magnet, floor tile, grinding stone, candle, yarn, nylon bag, glass, industrial belt, heat sink, zipper, aluminum sheet, filter mesh, plastic material, sandpaper, grinding wheel, cleaning cloth, glasses case

The fourth category: rmb¥8/kg

Cheap stationery, hardware accessories, steel ruler, steel sheet, cheap flower paper, lock accessories, cheap lock, stone, fabric, lace, manual hardware tools, door handles, low-cost furniture, low-cost faucets and accessories, stainless steel Products, Umbrellas, Welding Rods, Wallpapers, Aprons, Plastic Crafts, Glass Glue

The fifth type: rmb¥ 10/kg

Low-cost flashlights, terminals, ordinary household switches, low-cost lampshades, hair accessories, grinding wheels, belts, speaker nets, tungsten wire, ordinary cutlery, low-cost furniture, wires, connectors, steel wire

The sixth category: rmb¥ 12/kg

Rollers, faucets, cheap crafts, bearings, photo paper, lampshades, ordinary building materials, belts, electric fans, ball heads, industrial small speakers, valves, carpets, artificial leather, baby strollers, filter cartridges, paints, holiday lights

The seventh category: rmb¥14/kg

Simple mechanical parts, ordinary solder paste, magnifying glass, hub, general horn (parts), blank pc board, thermometer, bicycle accessories, lubricating oil, reflective paper, laser paper, cheap clothes, industrial film, water gauge, microphone, low Leather, general clothing, socks, general motors, molds, inks

Eighth class: rmb¥16/kg

Low-price leather products, wigs, industrial coils, connectors, light bulbs, lamps, industrial motors, lamps, pneumatic pumps, general pumps, fuses, cooling fans, air-conditioning adjustment switches

The ninth category: rmb¥20/kg

Toy Remote Control, Air Pressure Gauge, Compressor Parts, Fan, Power Tools, AC Nimbus, Empty Chassis, Relays, Electromagnetic Doors, Keyboard, Mouse, Empty Cartridges

Tenth Class: rmb¥ 23/kg

General clothing samples, shoe samples, coffee machines, washing machine accessories, dryer accessories, ordinary batteries, ribbons, thermometers, air pressure gauges, heating tubes, headphones, etc.

Eleventh class: rmb¥ 25/kg

Speakers, mice, keyboards, home appliance accessories, transformers, lathe accessories, calculators, led lights, home phones, capacitors, electric yin

Twelfth class: rmb¥ 28/kg

Home game machines, remote controls, microphones, hubs, power conditioners, regulators, sewing machines, three, diodes

Thirteenth: rmb¥ 35/kg

Inverter, multimeter, power meter, measuring gauge, electronic code lock, toner cartridge, sensor, button battery

Fourteenth class: rmb¥ 45/kg

Printer accessories, computer chassis, industrial transformers, timers, thermostats, general gauges, wire cutters, card readers

The fifteenth class: rmb¥ 50/kg or more

Audio and video equipment, thermostats, printers, fax machines, copiers, sound control equipment, programmable controllers, punching machines, audio amplifiers, camera lenses, electronic components, generators, motor drives, batteries, low-value display films, Simple massage chair