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International Line

Our company developed its own dedicated channel, a line full of their own operation! There are a series of special lines such as the new Matai line, the Middle East line, the Russian Line, the Indonesia Line, the Vietnam Line and the Cambodia Line!

Channels, timeliness, and prices are all very stable. In addition to the general cargo, we can also take special products such as: batteries, health products, electronic cigarettes, cosmetics, and a series of sensitive goods. In order to solve the customer's transportation problems! We have a dedicated research and development department and constantly research new international channels. In order to keep pace with the rapid development of society, we meet the needs of our customers.

Our international line is mainly for customers to provide international express delivery, customs clearance door-to-door business. In our network, we can receive and deliver goods at any time, any place and no matter what happens. In the international express delivery business, it has established a strong network based on all major countries and regions in Asia.

Our dedicated line network services in Asian countries provide customers with picking up, transporting, sorting, warehousing and providing documents, parcels, customs clearance, delivery and so on. Our cargo tracking system connects to our global network, allowing each employee's office network members to exchange data and information, so as to ensure that our customers can completely track their cargo conditions on the cargo inspection system.

Our Shenzhen company has been committed to building the industry's first-class import and export pipeline since its inception, focusing on optimizing and improving our service level, price level and after-sales service level. We sincerely hope that through continuous efforts, establish influence in the industry. Therefore, we will continue to publish and update our latest service items, the latest prices in different regions, and the latest and most timely after-sales services. We hope to achieve a win-win situation with all of our colleagues and friends! Because our success is your success, our company's growth can not be separated from your support and support!

At present, according to the market conditions, our company has designed a variety of high-quality, richly-chosen and multi-choice advantages for our customers. Including DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT and other well-known international express brands, international and domestic air port services to Hong Kong. The current Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa, South Asia line, Middle East line, etc., these absolute advantages of the service project for customers in the fierce market to provide high-quality green express delivery services. The reason why our products have such a big advantage is because we are not an ordinary green line company. We are an international logistics company with its own network point-to-point service. We are convinced that with the huge, irreplaceable network we have, together with the professionalism and dedication of our team, you will be able to deliver the goods to us with confidence, confidence and satisfaction, and embark on the road to stable wealth.

We earnestly look forward to your attention and participation, together with you towards the Can Road!