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Customs declaration

1. The following matters are as follows:
Any products that are allowed to import and export can be represented by our country. We cooperate with your factory (company) wholeheartedly based on the principle of mutual benefit and mutual trust.
The goods of your factory (company) will be sent out in general trade in Shenzhen and Guangzhou ports in general trade form, without the manual and foreign exchange of your factory (company). Your factory (company) is only required to provide detailed shipping information. In this way, your factory will be able to export more easily and save money.
Your factory provides detailed shipping information (including time, name, brand, specification, quantity, net weight, gross weight, gross weight, country of consumption, name of port and so on). The company (company) handles it.
In the course of customs clearance, all losses caused by the documents of our company, or not in accordance with the requirements of your factory or in violation of the regulations, are responsible for all the losses.
Agent fees are decided according to the variety, quantity and negotiation. The specific circumstances are welcome to inquire or interview.
Two, agent import declaration advantage:
Your manufacturer (company) needs to provide sample or product instructions, packing list (name, net weight, gross weight, number of boxes, number, product specification, model, value, use, origin). Attachment: do we need to reflect the second receipt unit when we declare customs? Whether the customer wants the customs declaration form and the original tax receipt after the import, and whether the customer has other requirements can be negotiated.
Three, provide verification form, collect foreign exchange, collect foreign loans, withdraw cash flexibly.
Four, agent export tax rebate. General trade (provide cotton, cotton yarn). Contract documents declaration service.
Export tax rebate business:
1, your factory / enterprise / company is a general taxpayer type enterprise. There are surplus value-added tax tickets (which need to be exported in the export) every month.
Under the reputation of our company, we can return a certain amount of tickets to your company, which can increase the income, improve the profit and achieve a win-win goal.
2. Your factory / enterprise / company is an export tax rebate type or a general taxpayer type enterprise (such as textiles, clothing, electronic products, electrical appliances, footwear, wood furniture, charger, display, mobile phone, cloth and so on), there are tax refund forms, but the export products are not enough. Our company has a lot of cooperation with Shenzhen, and has a good relationship with people. There are a large number of solid exports, many products and plenty of counters. According to your request, the agency will be responsible for the declaration of the tax refund verification form. It is safe and fast, and will create greater profits for factories and enterprises.