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Engineering logistics

Since its inception, the company has attached special importance to the development of special counters (open tops, frames, 45 feet, etc.) and bulk cargo ships and ro-ro ships. Mainly for a variety of engineering vehicles, machinery and equipment, major parts, all kinds of steel and so on. With regard to special cabinets, we have considerable experience in marine transportation and land transportation. For some large cargoes and irregular cargoes, our company can use our unique packing skills to reduce the number of boxes and save you more. The cost increases your competitiveness. The company is particularly adept at multi-modal and multi-modal transport services of door-to-door and door-to-door services for a variety of large-scale, over-heavy, ultra-heavy and over-heavy equipment and machinery. The company has a complete service network and proficient in business, experienced operators, uphold the integrity of freight, professional services, to provide customers with comprehensive, thoughtful and personalized service.